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I have been a photographer since my teens and as The Beatles said, "a long, long time ago".  I started with my first camera, An Asahi Pentax, with a 50mm f1.8 lens, ordered from Japan.  For "a kid", it was a phenomenal piece of equipment.  I learned to develop my own black and white photos, in my high school dark room.

Over the years I have owned every brand of camera and lens, good and bad.

Several years ago, I decided to take the leap into mirrorless cameras and have not had any regrets.  The current technology, with AI, is nothing short of amazing.

I focus (pun intended) on nature, landscapes, wildlife and some natural abstracts.

I am also available for real estate photography in the Triad area of North Carolina.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work. 

All photos are available to purchase in many forms, from digital, to prints of every kind.

Original wall art for business and home.

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